As Gov. Reeves Stalls On Medical Marijuana, Mom Hopes It Will Save Son’s Life

Christine Loftin watched patiently as the governor made his way around the 10th Inning Bar and Grill in Southaven, Miss., shaking hands and posing for photos with other diners. But despite greeting the rest of the room, the governor bypassed the table where she sat with her 16-year-old son, Bryan, who was in a wheelchair.

“Typically, if you’re a politician and you see a kid in a wheelchair, you’re going to acknowledge them. He had his back turned to us,” she recalled in an interview on Oct. 28 with the Mississippi Free Press.

Undeterred by the governor’s apparent slight, the Loftins decided to approach the governor themselves. They were on a mission when they visited the restaurant on Oct. 27, intent on confronting Reeves about failing to follow through on his promise to call a special session of the Legislature to create a medical-marijuana program. Though the governor once dismissed supporters of a robust medical-marijuana law as “stoners,” to the Loftins, it is a matter of life-or-death.

– Read the entire article at Mississippi Free Press.

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