Arkansas Medical Marijuana Program

Seal_of_ArkansasArkansas Medical Marijuana is currently a non existent program. It is recommended that you voice your opinion of how much we want & need legal weed in Arkansas. In Little Rock alone, medical marijuana will benefit thousands of suffering potential patients including elderly, kids with seizures, and a whole bunch of our Arkansas Veterans. When it finally arrives and you are looking for a specific strain high in THC or high cannabidiol (CBD) strains like Charlotte’s Web, the medical marijuana dispensary that will serve the Arkansas Cannabis industry will be here. Either Arkansas comes around bending to the will the razorbacks, or the federal government will there first. If the answer to the question does not involve money, change the question.

The outcry is strong, not as strong as Arkansas weed tho. It may not be until 2017 or later, depending on how river runs, however when it gets here we will be ready for the coming flood. In the meantime, please bookmark to get up to date on all the Little Rock & Arkansas marijuana news, specials, and stay current. Sigh up for the Daze Off Club in the meantime so when its here, we can get a power in numbers discount and savings.

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