A Handful of People Will Hit it Big with Arizona's “Social Equity” Dispensary Licenses – Tucson Weekly

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ADHS accepted applications the first two weeks of December 2021 and, at the end of the day, more than 1,500 were submitted. clock is ticking down to the time when the Arizona Department of Health Services is going to drop its balls into the hopper and choose who gets to reap what is likely to be tens of millions of dollars at stake in the upcoming lottery for 26 social equity adult-use licenses.

Nearly one-third of the applications made their way to ADHS through “mentorship programs” set up by three of the largest operators in the state.

A list posted on the ADHS website in mid-December showed that 368 were submitted through the agency of Mohave Cannabis Co., an eastern Arizona company; 110 from Copperstate Farms (Your Bright Horizon) in Snowflake, and 90 from Mint Cannabis, founded in 2012 as Brightroot Inc. in Guadalupe, Arizona.

Local cannabis entrepreneur Zsa Zsa Simone Brown, who is part of a group currently suing ADHS to try to put the social equity lottery on hold so that the rules can be fine-tuned,

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