A Cannabis Conviction Expungement Fair Comes to Michigan

Now that Michigan has legally approved the process of expunging past cannabis convictions, it’s time to put plans into action and get some of these past convictions overturned. In order to do so, the state held its first expungement fair last Wednesday to help clear records in record time.

Yvonne Morrow is one of the people who came out to Michigan’s first expungement fair to get her 20-year-old possession charge cleared. Even though the conviction happened so long ago, it still plagues her as a mark on her record.

“If it takes 20 years for somebody to get their record expunged for marijuana, I mean, come on,” she said as she waited in line for her record to be cleared.

The fair is a chance for people to either get their record completely cleared, or get help with the process. Currently, expungements for cannabis misdemeanors and select felony cases are on the table to be cleared, and folks with prior convictions are flooding in to make it happen and start with a clean slate.

“Today marks the day in history where the lives of 718 people will be set free, dignity restored, family trees changed forever,” said Sheriff Christopher Swanson regarding the move and

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