A Brief Recap of The Less Exciting 2020 Vice Presidential Debate

Given the previous debate and the startling news dropped over the weekend, the only way this debate could have moved out of the shadow of the much bigger story is if one or both of the candidates produced a 9mm Radom Pistol from their blazer and began firing it indiscriminately into the audience. So in order to make the following description of a terribly boring debate more palatable I’ll be peppering it with the seven best jokes about Mike Pence I can steal from the internet, and if you can guess whence I took them, post your answer in the comments to win a prize (the prize will be me calling you a nerd).  

This fun little diversion is necessary because the primary purpose of this Vice Presidential debate in Salt Lake City was for Senator Kamala Harris and her opponent, Vice President and Sun-faded Department Store Mannequin (1) Mike Pence, to defend the policies and records of their party’s choice for President of the United States, which is naturally less exciting than the offense maneuvering of a Presidential debate. The VP debates are always the most boring, least-anticipated part of any election season, and if they are watched at

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