2 Arrested, Accused Of 'Brutal' Robbery At Downtown Tulsa Dispensary – news9.com KWTV

Tulsa Police Robbery Detectives said they’ve solved a downtown robbery that happened in January and in the process, also solved four additional cases.

Two men are in jail accused of robbing Eufloria Dispensary downtown, and police are still looking for a third man.

Detectives said this is a perfect example of how persistence pays off. It took eight months, but now, people are now in jail who police say pointed guns at innocent people.

Surveillance video shows three men go into a dispensary near MLK and Cameron, point the gun at the clerk, and steal marijuana and cash.

The video shows one robber putting the gun to the back of the clerk’s head, while the other two cleared out the cash register and filled up bags with pot.

“It was pretty brutal,” said Lieutenant Justin Ritter with Tulsa Police. “They go in with guns, hold a gun to the side of a guy’s head. Obviously the more serious ones like that, we put to the top of our priority list.”

Ritter said they got a good lead on one of the suspects earlier this year, then the case went cold. That was until they investigated a string of other dispensary robberies, three in

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